The PIPE (Pre-IPO Exchange) Platform

Where university R&D/IP can develop commercial outcomes & investment opportunities in spin-out/license projects via a digital exchange and secondary market.

”I do not believe that the wireless waves I have discovered will have any practical applications” – Heinrich Hertz 1890

PIPE provides a simple way to invest in de-risked, early stage European (UK & CH) university derived start ups via a secure digital exchange and secondary market.

PIPE provides universities with a unique project validation, incubation, team building and funding platform, where the untapped, yet brilliant potential of R&D/IP can evolve to secure patient finance of up to €2m per project.

Commercialisation as a Service (CaaS) is delivered via the PIPE DLT/Blockchain in three key modules; The Incubator, The Fund and the Pre-IPO Exchange.

The Incubator is a unique solution, providing a systematic, stage gated, commercialisation pathway to move university R&D from Lab to IPO.

The PIPE €200m STO/Asset Token annual fund, brings much needed focus and patient capital to projects as well as liquidity options to investors via the Pre-IPO Exchange.

Join Us for Free – register as a TTO, academic, investor, associate or observer. Post projects for free validation, see opportunities develop, join the investment as a co-investor or get involved as a founder/manager to deliver funded projects. For more information – Contact Us



No cost support for students, academics and TTO’s to prove the viability of their R&D



Creating the business case & options from spin-out, to licensing and joint ventures


Creating the business plans, forecasts, support teams, financial models and roadmap to investment


Providing non-exclusive investment up to €2m in all projects


Providing founders, investors and stakeholders further funding options & liquidity

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