PIPE is working to fix the process of moving university R&D from idea to implementation.

The PIPEworks ecosystem for university R&D/IP is about ensuring rigorous development of robust and energised outcomes for incubated enterprises (Protégé Companies) and/or licenses, supported by systematic processes and experienced commercial people, known as ‘associates’. PIPEworks has three parts; The STEaM Engine, the Pre-IPO Exchange (Exchange) and the PIPE Tokenised (STD) Fund (FUND) supported by a network of industry & commercial associates.

The PIPE STEaM Engine is a proprietary supporting platform that incubates research and development (R&D) and intellectual property (IP) assets from universities, with or without a technology transfer or licensing office (TTO/TLO) to create early stage, patent backed spin-out Protégé Companies (PC) or licenses.

PIPE utilises public distributed ledger technology (DLT) to record complex Due Diligence & Development (DD & Dev) processes, enabling an open and indisputable state within the system. The DLT records and facilitates the full incubation and DD & Dev lifecycle through a transparent multi-phase process developed by the Founders of The PIPE Company. Projects submitted by the student, university, TTO/TLO’S or the academic, are incubated to the point where an investable corporate offering is produced which is supported by one or more associates.

The STEaM Engine manages the interactions between all stakeholders securely to provide an immutable audit trail of investment rationale, the progress of which is published within the STEaM Engine for all stakeholders to see and review prior to investment.