The PIPE is a unique pathway based on DLT and blockchain technology that supports university and TTO (technology transfer offices) with R&D/IP commercialisation and investment.

Companies created by universities as start-ups perform 4 x better than their industry peers.

  • 90% Of companies born out Of universities are still in business and producing revenue in year 5 compared to only
    20% of start-ups that do not have university connections.
  • The average IRR on investments is 250% (2019 figures). The PIPE ecosystem is designed to enable the realisation of these benefits for academics, universities and investors.

The PIPE solution is comprised of three integrated strategies:
(i) a corporate incubator to focus commercial action on Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing projects (“STEaM PIPE”)
(ii) a decentralised investment vehicle (The PIPE Fund or “The Fund”)
(iii) a decentralised Private Listing/Exchange (“PIPE”)