STEaM PIPE Process

The STEaM PIPE process targets Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM subjects) R&D output.

The process is designed to move an R&D project from the laboratory or whiteboard through commercial rationale, development and planning for investment within a 120-day (6-month) period.

Projects that come into the STEaM PIPE do so at one of four points, called ‘Phases’ and the pathway to a phase is dependent upon the existing level of TTO/TLO input. If there is no TTO/TLO, then the project comes into STEaM PIPE at Phase 1 and is moved through Phases 1-3 in a structured, open and immutable manner.

At Phase 4, the goal is to secure investment, so all the preliminary incubation, research and DD is carried out between Phases 1-3.

The STEaM PIPE is supported by a central PIPE administration and research group which, in turn, support the PIPE Associate to complete the Solution Readiness for Market (SRO) and/or the Proposition Readiness for Investment (PRI) activities.

The entire incubation and DD process is open to all stakeholders, immutable and clear, thus allowing for investment decisions to be made on a project by project basis and compared to past rationale on investment decisions made. This provides for a clear overview of investment decisions in realtime ensuring fairness to all academics, founders and stakeholders.