The PIPE Exchange

The Pre-IPO Exchange – PIPE

This is where the Protégé Company (PC) meets the Investor. The Exchange is the engine of the ecosystem.

Having ensured that the PCs coming through the system are all fit and healthy, the survival rate of the enterprises is in excess of 95% (the University originated IP figure) by a margin dependent upon the PIPEworks efficiency at identifying and either rectifying or rejecting those projects which fail.

The Exchange is operated in an open and transparent manner with heavy use of the DLT to ensure that there is no ambiguity as to financial movements, involvement, holdings or identity.

The Exchange provides the mechanism to attract investors into the PIPE fund and a method by which funds can be promised, recorded, received, verified (AML/KYC) and issued to successful PCs.

All of the investor onboarding, including contracts and receipt of funds, currency exchange to tokens, is carried out on the Exchange.