Working with universities on the forefront of European innovation, The PIPE Company is integrating Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) into the due diligence and development of university R&D and IP in a secure, open, honest, fair and streamlined manner.

This approach increases deal flow through reduced cost and shorter development and commercialisation timelines thus increasing project throughput by a factor of 20x over current, manual processes, and increases overall revenue and profits for spin-out companies and/or licenses.

The recording of activity to a distributed ledger, with its properties of openness and immutability, simplifies the objectives of maintaining an open and transparent audit ability of the Due Diligence & Development (DO & Dev) process for students, academics, universities AND investors via The PIPE, which means the quality of commercial impact is significant.

The ability to delegate tasks to distributed networks, combined with the latest encryption technologies, has been changing the way that global industry is able to transfer value and manage the increasing volume of data produced by a modern economy.

The resulting immutable ledgers are highly auditable and more effective than current systems at combating theft, fraud and money laundering. This approach means The PIPE Company can do ‘more with less’ and generate much greater returns for all those involved.

The PIPE Company utilises processes and technology to address several industry problems that exist in the UK & European innovation sectors