Work to date

Between 2012 & 2016 we tested the market in the EU and US, engaged clients and defined the PIPE proposition.

Since origination of the university R&D and IP (patent) commercialisation strategy, the founders have worked with a number of start-ups, university spin-outs and university innovation teams via an EU subsidiary. This work has allowed the team to develop the PIPE proposition, an associate network and university/commercial partner ‘ecosystem’, generate revenues and learn what the market needs from a solution such as the PIPE.

In addition to the development of organic revenue and the creation of an associate based ecosystem, we have also worked on EIS and SEIS funds in partnership with FCA umbrella companies on behalf of university clients. We call these ‘parochial funds’ and are designed to raise between £1.5m and £5m per university.

The development of the PIPE maintains the associate network and ecosystem, enhances our ability to grow our target market whilst providing for greater openness and flexibility on the raising of investment capital and its use across our portfolio.

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